The Traveller’s Rest- Cave-dwellers of the World Unite.

Cavemen (and women).

Many of us reading these pages have known what it is to experience the place of the cave. Either because we ran there looking for shelter or because we were banished into the wilderness by others and needed a place to hide. The cave is often associated with being a dark and lonely place because we enter there with nothing but our own thoughts and nearly always with a heart full of wounds and hurts. We hide there for a variety of reasons; we are hiding in fear, we want to get away from everyone and everything, we may even see it as the end of the journey, a place to curl up and give up on life. No wonder the cave experience has always had a bad press. No wonder those who continue on the merry-go-round of life look down on us, thinking we have lost the plot or moved out of the will of God. Unless you have ever gone through the process of the cave you can never really understand the shift that goes on. The cave either becomes a place that will cast a shadow over us forever or it will become a chrysalis forming and shaping us for the next part of the journey. The cave is either a tomb, a place of death, or a womb, a place of transformation. Or maybe it is the process of going through both death and rebirth.

On The Run Again.

David finally took the advice of his friend, and Saul’s son, Jonathan. He realised his life was in danger so he got out of that royal residence as fast as he could. He found himself in a shelter, a cave called Adullum. Alone, on the run, and yet a fugitive with an anointing, a call. Or was that prophet Samuel really up the spout, we know what flakey people these prophets can be like. It was now just David and his God. Yet God did not leave David alone. In the past there had been stories of God gathering animals and drawing them to an ark, now God was about to turn the isolation of the cave into an amazing place of transformation. A man who had never sought after position and authority, even though God had spoken over him, was about to become a captain over the most wild and desperate group of people that walked the earth at the time. First David’s family were drawn to him, and then we are told about three groups of people that found themselves with David. All who were cave-dwellers. All who found themselves in this place because of wounds and mistakes in life. The distressed were there. Those worried and floundering in the depths of all that life had thrown at them. Not the best sort of people to find around you when the going has got tough, but this cave was becoming a womb for the new. Those who had debts, banished because they had lost homes or loved ones. Not able to afford the standard of living they found themselves at the place of the cave. The discontented. Those not happy with the status quo. Those who had gone looking for nirvana, but instead found a rock and a hard place. I’m sure David must have wondered what God was doing, but here in front of him was the seeds of what would become the Mighty Men. This bunch of broken, cracked pots were now being drawn together to form a potent force. The cave was no longer a tomb but a womb, the new was birthing in the place of the shadows. What God is doing today seems similar to this account. The banished, the wounded, the distressed, debt ridden discontented are finding each other at the place of the cave. When this happens the empire spirit better watch out, some toppling is about to happen.

The Still Small Voice.

Elijah has won a major victory over the prophets of Baal. He must have been on an incredible high. The people of Israel were once again acknowledging the one true God. But there is a messenger at the door. A few spoken words from a Jezebel infused spirit and the whole world comes crashing down, the darkness descends. The victor on the mountain now fears for his life and goes on the run. He runs into the wilderness and finds a tree to rest under and speaks out to the heavens, ‘I want to die’. What happened to the bold man of the battle? Now a quivering, doubting, fearing wreck with suicidal tendencies. Even in that state God ministers to him through he angel, but instead of gaining strength to go on, he uses the strength to enter a cave. He shuts himself away from all voices except his own and Gods. God again speaks to him and tells him to come out onto the mountain. Elijah instead sulks in the cave and nothing moves him, not even a wind, an earthquake, fire. He will not be budged out of the dark place. The something shifts. Not through any act of power but something so subtle. A still small voice whispers right into the depth of his being. This at last brings him to the face of the cave. In all of his brokenness God has come to plant destiny. The cave becomes a womb for a new day. God gives him a strategy for the Nation that would destroy Jezebel and her influence. Elijah never fully realises his path but at least he has reason to move again. He once more journeys on and finds a man called Elisha and becomes a bit of a reluctant mentor at first, but at least he is mentoring again. The school of the prophet is reborn out of the darkness of the cave.

The End Has a Start.

I love this title of a song by the Editors. When we think a chapter is ending that is the perfect thread for God to start His amazing tapestry of life all over again. The end has a start. The cave is a place of new birth and destiny, if we would allow it to be. Embrace the dark places, because even there God resides. God will really never leave us or forsake us, it just feels like it some times. The cave may feel like a place where it is just our own cold breath hanging in the air, but incline that ear and you may hear a whisper. A whisper that carries a new day of a hope. A whisper that may be the gathering of the clans, cave dwellers beginning to unite. The sound of distressed people, those full of debt, the discontented shuffling towards the dark places. The margins become full of the new story being written. One that is full of restored lives, Elisha’s being found, Lazarus’ coming forth. What looked as if it would kill us, and probably did in many ways, actually births in us something amazing. A broken life able to contain destiny and the DNA of heaven once more. Are you in a cave? Embrace it. Don’t fight the process. There is more going on that you appreciate. There are more like you that you could ever dream. Others who have found themselves on the margins. I am in anticipation about what God will be birthing through us. At one point ready to leave the page, running from it all. But instead found I had run into and not away. What we think is leaving stage left is actually the wings carrying us to the next phase of the journey.

Someone hit the light
‘Cause there’s more here to be seen
When you caught my eye
I saw everywhere I’d been
And wanna go to

You came on your own
That’s how you’ll leave
With hope in your hands
And air to breathe

I won’t disappoint you
As you fall apart
Some things should be simple
Even an end has a start  (The Editors ‘An End Has A Start’)


7 thoughts on “The Traveller’s Rest- Cave-dwellers of the World Unite.

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  2. Wol Ulchabhan

    Funny, when I came to your blog to read this post the first thing that popped-up was the “Out of the Shadows” banner. I thought to myself: “well maybe sometimes it should be called ‘into the shadows’ as a constant theme in this journey is about embracing shadows; our own, the cloud of unknowing, the mysteries of life . . . the shadows of my pain, my doubts. My fears . . .

    But thanks for bringing this to light (pun intended). It is refreshing to know that caves and dark places are something we all have in common, that they are starting places. birthing places.

    1. pleader05 Post author

      Thanks for your response Wol. I nearly called this blog into the shadows but recognise that out of the shadows has an eye to the future. It speaks of a voice speaking from the shadows or someone who has found a way from the shadows. Whatever I am learning more and more to embrace these places. Places that once we fought to keep away from, but now so appreciate the richness there. They are indeed birthing places. Bless you so much Wol.

  3. Deborah

    So come out of your cave walking on your hands
    And see the world hanging upside down
    You can understand dependence
    When you know the maker’s hand

    So make your siren’s call
    And sing all you want
    I will not hear what you have to say

    Cause I need freedom now
    And I need to know how
    To live my life as it’s meant to be

    (The Cave, Muford and Sons)


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