Joining the Dots- Michael Creel.

Dot to Dot.

I have shared before about God joining the dots to start to reveal a picture of what He is doing in these days. Some of that happens physically as we meet others on the journey outside the four walls, some of that happens as we connect through people’s stories and blogs and accounts of their journey. Some will happen as we give space for those stories in our own sphere. Dot connecting to dot connecting to dot… That is why I wanted to give space on my blog page for other voices and people on a journey. These stories may have got to this point differently and even be expressed differently in the present and future, but there seems to be some spiritual sense of connectivity going on in the margins and amongst those in the wilderness. Love it that we can share, lean and learn from each other. My third guest blogger is Michael Creel, a connection via the blog/Facebook that I have learned to love and appreciate. I will let Michael introduce himself (taken from his blog page.)

I’m a Ragamuffin, Vagabond, Peregrinatio pro Christo and a Weigen. (Weird, Geeky Nerd) . .  I.E. . . . . . . I’m a holy mess! (Praise Papa God!)

A Rough-cut Wanderer & Aspiring Amateur attempting to follow Jesus.

Looking for creative and inspiring stories, perspectives and chronicles of the “Seen Unseen” of His “Space” (Kingdom) which can be found on the edges, fringes and out-of-the-way places.

Join me on The Journey . . .

What do you want and Where do you go from here?

Two simple questions that present a challenge.

“What do you want?” is about desire; your desire. I’m not talking about the desires of the ego or the wishful, day-dreams that we flit in and out of during the day. I’m talking about those deep-down desires, the ones that come from the core of who you are, of who you were created to be. “What do you want?” and “Do you want to . . .?” are questions that Yeshua asked not a few times in the scriptures. And it should be no surprise that anytime the Divine asks you a question that it’s not because Papa God is lacking information. It is an invite to pull out of the depth of who we are and that which was placed in us: A Greatness, A Beauty . . . a unique work of art and poetry that the world desperately needs. It is also a piece of our identity. It is a question that challenges us to look deep within, that busts through our ego, our busy-ness . . . that calls us to silence where we must un-plug and disconnect from the temporal. Here we must seek the cave, the darkness, the desert and yes, the garden; the place to be silent and bring all of who we are, the light and the dark, to a place of silence and listen for that still, small voice that whispers to us.

“Where do you go from here?” is about direction. But not so much about “doing” but more a direction of “being”: Being open. Having no set plan as a plan. About doing “nothing” but living in such a way that manifests in that “there is something in nothing”. Again this is a challenge as our culture and the various Religious Matrixes that we have come from have conditioned us to “do-do;DO!” to the point that we are afraid to be still. Recently I blogged about that one of the first challenges that we face once we have gone through the “Big Disconnect” from the RM is to NOT run out and find something to “do” as far as ministry or “morning devotional” or “finding another church home” (or worse, trying to make one yourself based on the new ideal or buzz-word). Don’t be anxious about direction. Learn to be still and rest in Papa God’s presence. As you learn to lean into The Divine, you will end up where you need to be. Be open. Be still and know. Be still. BE

A Company of Seers

All of the above is a process and is part of The Journey and realize that you travel not alone. You are part of a huge Company. A Company of Seers. Yes, you! All the gifts are available. You can be a Seer today, an Evangelist tomorrow and an Apostle after that. It’s not about a title or an “office” it’s about being open and letting Yeshua do what he does best: Christ in you!

We all need to call out what Life and Grace we see in those who we meet in our ever-day lives. An Angel appeared to Gideon and said “The Lord is with you, you mighty warrior!” The Angel saw something in Gideon that Gideon did not know. We need to call these things out. Just not to our fellow journey-mates, but to everyone.

As followers of Yeshua, we all have the capability of being Seers. To be able to see into someone and call out that which is in them. To call out and call upon those Divine fingerprints that we see in them and in each other. To speak Life, Love and Grace to all who we encounter.

My thanks to Paul for letting me ramble and rhema-nate here.

Ending where I began, let me ask:

What do you want and Where do you go from here?

Shalom on The Journey!


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