Cheque Mate, Cash For Questions.

I wish I had one of those evangelastical gifts of non embarrassment when talking about money, but I’m glad I have not. I’m glad I am embarrassed and lost for words (for a change), but if I cannot throw this out there with my community where do I throw it? Please ignore if you want to, please give somewhere else if you want to, please don’t give anything anywhere if you don’t want to, I underline this is not a begging letter or anything that will be emotional blackmail. It is just every now and again I am asked about possible ways of supporting or gifting us as a family. Not supporting a ministry or gifting, just to bless a family. I promise there will be no prayed over handkerchief or even a newsletter, just a grateful family. Not even promising ten fold returns. But we will thank you regularly.

Money makes me go round the world.

Over the next 24 months would love to visit some of these connections on the outposts of life, in the margins. These people have no church that can support having a visitor in town, especially when all I want to do is visit, talk, drink coffee or whatever and share life stories. As a family we have few resources to fund such visits (four boys eat up our funds quickly), so any help and gift would be appreciated. Opportunities to visit in the U.K., Ireland, Sweden, the USA, the Philippines, Latvia and others, not to have meetings but just to encourage an individual, couple or family or small group. Some of these dots have nothing in terms of community, a visit just to say hi, we love you, we understand, would be great. There you go. I underline, this is not to start a ministry, or to go preaching, can do that but would rather just share lives.

That’s it.

There you go. If this made you feel uncomfortable, you are not as uncomfortable as I am putting it out there. Any gift or support can be sent through paypal using the e-mail address

or using Barclays Tonypandy Branch

Sort code: 206876      Account number 13719707

Any attempt to withdraw will lead you to an empty account, lol.

Thanks for reading and supporting, even if you never give a penny, it is never about that.



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