The Traveller’s Rest- What Prophets a Man to Gain the Whole World.

Revival Is Coming Again and Again and Again.

This last few weeks I have felt really stirred about something that just keeps happening. It happens and as good old charismatics we just keep sucking it all in and filling up like helium balloons ready to float up to the third heaven, failing to realise all along that we are just full of wind and hot air. What am I talking about? The voice of the prophetic movement that just keeps promising revivals and moves and shifts and seasons. Amazingly these words are always about the places they are going to visit or are visiting at that particular time. Their visit amazingly coincides with God pointing to that exact spot on the map and saying ‘this place is the key to revival’. I find that such a coincidence, very lucky indeed that they booked the trip to the next revival hotspot. I have had a belly full of words spoken over my part of the earth, Wales. A land that has seen it’s fair share of revival and moves of God. When things hot up the on the pulse prophets come racing into town from the Nations because what is about to happen will eclipse 1904, this is the time, this is the season if we do xyz. Good job they were here to tell us that or we may have missed the window because God got bored hanging around. I have been a part of that. I admit I knew what buttons to push and what phrases would get a good response. I was part of the push to see the prophetic find a place and see and hear words all over the place. Yet when the dramatic does not happen and you need to be a planting of the Lord in the dirt of the earth where are these guys? The true voices hang around when there is no outward sign, but sadly I could count on one hand who they may be. The others have gone off to the next hotspot on God’s radar. Another church that will have teachers who say what they want to hear. That it will come through the worship, it will come through prayer, it will come through unity, it will come through pulling down the strongholds of satan. “There is a great wave of revival coming upon the earth. The worship leaders that prepare for it, both musically and Spiritually will be it’s worship leaders.” This is just one of many that I have read over this past few weeks. Am I the only one finding all this tiresome? Am I the only one who thinks we need to grow up and stop giving such vagueness a platform? False promises giving an air of false hope to hang our coats onto. We will never silence the voices but we can start growing up and allowing our ears to incline to God Himself rather than man.

Touching the Lord’s Anointed!

But can we question someone recognised by others as a prophet of God, someone with an international prophetic ministry? The sad thing is we really think we cannot ask questions of anyone who we think or see as being anointed (and what is that anyway? That is another conversation). That leaves these platform people with voice and ministry that can never be questioned or touched. Surely that in itself should get our alarm bells ringing. Who is above being part of a conversation and question? If somebody does not give space to being challenged and disagreed with then we should really be questioning the gift and character of that person. It is not judging the person as we would like to call it. I have been accused of all sorts as I have just asked questions about what these guys are saying. It is our responsibility to weigh things up, just as you will do with what I write here. I am not out looking to discredit anybody, I am looking to protect the sheep that are gullible enough to keep taking it all on board and keep getting disappointed and disillusioned and think they need to do some good works or ministry to make the magic happen, or take part in some event that will unlock the door. Everyone wants to be at the centre of a so called move of God so all of this tickles our fancy. It is time the voices came and said ‘you don’t need me or my words, you have the Word of eternal life living inside you.’ Stop buying my books and CD’s, just awaken to what you have inside of you already. The sheep do not need another prophet speaking out about keys and windows and seasons. I have felt like I have missed it so many times, or been stressed that my prayer life was too weak or my worship was not passionate enough and didn’t go on for 24/7 like it should. When all along all I needed to hear was his still small voice inside me. Not saying anything specific or powerful, just a whisper enough to get my attention to face another day even in my brokenness. My seemingly critical voice is not being critical but caring about the state of people and their own ‘anointed’ walk, however anointed that may or may not look. The prophets need to get off the stage, stop loving the sound of their own voices, stop tickling ears and walk with someone in the crap of their own lives. Until the prophetic, along with the apostolic, gets covered in the dirt, filth and shit of everyday life, it can never be foundational to anything. Until the voice is buried under the voiceless it really has nothing much to say. It proclaims of days speaking to governments and those in authority. Maybe they need to stand with the outcasts and get their voices heard. That could be how governments may listen. But that does not sell books. Tough!

You, At The Centre.

I remember one day just sensing that each believer was at the centre of all that God had planned for them. Where they were right now was where God wanted them to be. They were a move of God. Just by living, breathing, being, they carried a flame and a light for the world. They did not have to do anything or go anywhere, just be. ‘Long ago God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, now he has spoken to us by his Son.’ I have often pondered what that could mean while I ran around trying to be a prophet and looking for the next prophet in town. Trying to raise up a new generation of prophets speaking out words and revealing dark secrets, setting up prophetic round tables of specially gifted people who heard the same thing as me and could agree with me to take over the world with this years move of God. While those who were deaf to God’s voice were rejected and seen as opposing a true move of God. Therefore creating a hierarchy of those who got it and those who did not, those who had ears to hear and those who would just be persecutors. The alarm bells should have rung for us back then. They probably did but we were too busy listening for the next word. When we should have been empowering the other we were patting ourselves on the back for creating a special breed of super apostles and prophets. Instead of walking with the marginalised we walked with the called and chosen few. The more airy fairy we could talk the more we could be received, and especially if we would mention a coming revival. Do I still believe in prophets and the prophetic? Of course I do, but the whole course of what it has become must be buried and die for the genuine to appear. I have to say I no longer feel comfortable giving words over Nations and personal prophesies, there may be a place for that, but I would rather connect into where someone is at and talk words of life (both natural and spirit intertwined). I think we are worded out. There is nothing new I could add or take away other than you have the life of God within you, let’s live some. To the disempowered let’s lift you onto your feet again and let’s go for a walk together in the cool of the day. To the voiceless what is it you want to say? To the marginalised can I sit awhile at your table and see you as the centre of what God is up to already. We are so busy prophesying the next move that we totally miss the move that is happening all the time in the most obscure of places. If you want to know what God wants to say to you, I have not got a clue, but hey let’s travel together and walk the streets and meet others who are part of this amazing humanity. The word may just have been on the streets on along.



5 thoughts on “The Traveller’s Rest- What Prophets a Man to Gain the Whole World.

  1. Dyfed

    Great post, as ever. Two points:
    It’s time to have an accurate picture of 04/05;
    and, I wonder whether the charismatic promise has ever been realised?


    1. pleader05 Post author

      Thanks for the response Dyfed. Two points and great thought provokers. Both will require more contemplation before I even consider responding. All I can say is watch this space for my perspective on this.

  2. markrandallpixley

    My goodness Paul its almost like you believe that God did not give us an incomplete redemption…what gives?
    I just had this conversation with one of my daughters about the earthquake that was supposed to judge all those godless gays on Oct. 3rd…her response was astute… “What I think about when I hear all that stuff is what happened to Elijah…God was not in mighty wind, He was not in the earthquake, He was not in the fire…He was in the sound of silence emptied out…the still small voice…”

    When I play that event back it plays like all the latest greatest prophetic words and Gods question to Elijah is probably the same one to us…”What are you doing here?”…

    I think there is a very real problem though because one of these voices has started saying the only hope for America is in a martial law take-over…and this is what he truly believes…he is advocating violence as a means to change our culture…these people need to hear the gospel…it is by definition GOOD news…


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