The Road to Now(where) XII- There Was a Long War… (2 Sam 3:1)

My blogging journey from the beginning for those who are interested. Each week I will include one of those original blogs from Martin Scott’s Perspective site. February 4th 2010 and the blogging began. Never did this before, but what therapy, what a joy, what a chronicling of a journey that never ends. In many ways things have developed, but it is good to see where we come from to appreciate where we are. All in the healing. Enjoy or endure…

The Traveller’s Rest- there was a long war… (2 Sam 3:1)

POSTED ON April 22, 2010 BY Paul Leader

Stories from the shop floor

This has been an amazing week. God stories flying around all over the place. The world of Asda is ever transforming and shafts of light and eternity are evident in such clear ways. Then that links to the world of Facebook. A community of friends past, present and future. Seeds being sown, shoots beginning to grow.

Lyndsey works on the sweets aisle. Have spoken before about her changing from an atheist to an agnostic in one conversation. Well that conversation seems to be ever moulding her life. We always talk but have not mentioned much about God since then. I just believe presence means so much more than more words. This week she wrote to me on Facebook. Her son wanted to attend Sunday school and she wanted some info on how to go about that. Then that ongoing conundrum came up, she had been thinking for a while herself that she wanted to go back to church and see for herself what it was like. As you can imagine my reply to her was very interesting concerning church etc. Pray for her because something is definitely shifting. From atheist to seeker without one sermon. I love it. Just hope one sermon does not ruin it for her!!!

H is another worker I have mentioned before. An artist and farmer who is working for some money. He is at this moment stuck in Mexico on holiday. Ash is holding his journey up. We have talked much about eternal issues and the real Jesus. He has painted pictures of Biblical events and God speaks to him powerfully through religious art and music. We were chatting again on Facebook this week and he said, ‘I really believe I am a Christian.’ That then led us to talk about Jesus and the false representation of the church. I’m already thinking he is part of the ekklesia already!!! A called out one.

On Facebook (obviously another realm of the ekklesia) I put a simple post this week saying, ‘We should be more like Jesus and not be so religious.’ The response I have had to this has been amazing. There is a facility where friends can say whether they like this statement. I have had twelve responses, which is pretty good. The exciting thing is 5 of these responses are from people that would not be recognised as signing the magical dotted line of Christianity. Two cousins who have been very anti-church. A brother of an ex-member of the church in Tonyrefail and two Asda work colleagues. There is those Asda people again. One of them, Sam, is a rock musician. He is as ‘rock and roll’ as you can get. He is part of one of the Rhondda’s up and coming bands. We get on really well because of my love and appreciation of music of all types and because I was once in a band. Yes I was a singer (shouter) in a punk band called Acne. We never made it but released cassettes (remember them) and sold about 2 copies. We had fun. Last night in work he told me he loved my statement. Very revolutionary. Did not go much deeper than that but it has gone deep enough. Deep enough for me to get an invite to their next gig. Have I just been invited to their ‘church’? I’m nearly 43 for goodness sake!!!! Rock and roll!!!

Sharon and Sue are two friends on Facebook. Sue I went to school with, Sharon is a friend of Sue’s. Both have recently suffered the loss of parents, Sue her mother, and Sharon her father. It turns out Sharon’s father was a church minister. She is hurting. How can God take him when he has given all his life to serving him. We chat often. Sharon was having a bad day this week and I replied by writing a few words back to her. I believed at the time what I had written was more than words. The reply said, ‘thanks for those words you know exactly how I feel.’ I said I don’t but God does and he loves you despite all the hurt and anger. God is at work. Sue also really misses her mum. Again she was having a bad day. More words. Another life touched by the love of God. She said ‘I love it when you write words of comfort.’ Pray for these girls. Both carrying so much baggage, but God loves baggage carrying people.

2 Samuel 3:1

there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David

But David grew stronger and stronger and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker

Never meant to share so many life stories but I am so excited. This is evidence that being outside I am really inside. That what is underground is coming overground. These are transition times. And in transition times we need to accept the blurring of borders and living without clarity. Nothing fits in a box, and thank goodness for that anyway, boxes are for breaking. What we think we have worked out today will confuse us tomorrow, things really are shifting that much. I feel more and more like the double-minded man, unstable in all my ways, but maybe I need to be unstable in my ways to find the security and blessing of His ways. I find many similarities in the season we are living in to the one in which Saul and David lived in side by side. And this verse I believe is so key. The two houses co-existing, one getting weaker, the other getting stronger. Both seasons at the same time. We are seeing signs of this in our own seasons. And the between seasons bits seem to be getting longer and longer. We can think summer is here and then winter returns. I think David is key here though, especially his attitude. I believe attitude will determine our altitude in this season. There have already been comments about how do we rescue those who are still part of the system, how do we relate to them etc? This is very important if we are not to become just another movement that creates borders and labels and empire. Is it possible to build empire when we are so anti-empire? Look through history for the answer to that one. From the Methodists to the Pentecostals, to the Restoration movement and the house church, and even now with the emergent churches and organic churches, all start as radical outsiders outside the box, but soon boxes are created. Labels given. Books on what it looks like etc. In history I find that as soon as a movement is labelled it ceases to be a movement and becomes a monument. People know what it looks like.

Music to my ears

I love music, always have done since I bought my first 7″ single, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick by Ian Dury and the Blockheads. My £1 pocket money would go every week on a new single. Whatever I liked I bought from the Bee Gees to the Sex Pistols, from Squeeze to the Damned. But then I started buying the NME music magazine. They love to compartmentalise everything. These are punk bands, these are AOR, these are mod bands etc. Labels, labels, labels. From that moment instead of appreciating music I became a punk and only bought punk records. What I did not appreciate was that by being labelled punk was already dead. Before it was labelled fans just appreciated loud music from the New York Dolls to Iggy Pop to Roxy Music to Bowie, but then came the label. All songs must be 3 minute three chord songs. Really when the Sex Pistols finally released their second album it was dead. The same thing happens in the music world time and time again. That is why John Peel was a revolutionary. He would play anything at any time, from reggae to punk to acoustic to prog rock to spoken poetry. Now Radio 1 only has specialist music shows. I believe the i-pod is a God given to tool to shake it all up again. Now my play-list is so varied it makes me laugh sometimes. Never the same always changing. That should be the picture of the people of God for this i-pod generation.

This happens in church movements all of the time. Labels mean certain death. And then the how to books!!! No longer unique just another man model to copy.

No beginning or end

This seems to be a bit of a godly blog. It seems to have no clear beginning or end. I like that. Very eternal. Not even really got into the title, but this is a long war so we have plenty of time. Next time I will look at the character of David through the transition time and recognise how we need to be nurturing that heart after God at this present time. We can recognise what is happening, and even feel where the anointing lays now. We can have our prophetic word for a new day. But what do we do with it all. How do we live? There is a time to tear down, but we need such wisdom. David will speak volumes into that. This time of overlapping seasons, existing side by side is so key and so vital. But we must be ready for the long haul. This is not a time for the microwave quick fix generation. But the glory is increasing.

The glory of the Lord will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.

I already see it in Asda. I already read it on Facebook. It is beginning, and we are a part of historic days NOW!!!


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