Christmas 2010- Shall We Take a Trip Down Memory Lane.

The Christmas blog from 2010. Still relevant today. Lifted from my original blog on Martin Scott’s blog page.

The Traveller’s Rest- Shall We Take A Trip Down Memory Lane?

All about journey and discovery.

As I have been meditating on the account of the birth of Christ I have been discovering more and more how vital journey is. Without it there would be no story or narrative. Without it there would be no miraculous, no supernatural, no Angels. Maybe that is why we were told  as we go these signs shall follow, it is about movement, journeys, trips, stumbling into grace. The Gospel accounts are about sojourners they are not about settlers. They are about footsteps into the unknown, new paths. Christianity cannot exist without movement. The roots are in movement, whether that be in Abraham, Jacob, Moses or Jesus, Peter and Paul. They were travellers. They were called to have shallow roots but deep relationships. They had tents and not brick houses. I think Paul noted about the apostolic and prophetic being foundational to the church because they are ever shifting and moving. Unpredictable and radical. Roots and foundations that are not tied down but fly with the wind, wherever it takes them. Wherever I lay my hat is my home. Wherever my feet tread is Holy ground. It is all about journey and discovery.

A Spaceman Came a Travelling.

The birth is all about the journey of the Word. Christ taking on flesh. Shifting from His massive dwelling place of the heaven-lies to the confines of flesh. But that flesh then has parents that carry Him. Carry Him in the womb to Bethlehem. Carried into safety in Egypt. Carried back to his home with Mary and Joseph the carpenter. Then His legs carry Him into the temple. They carry Him into the wilderness. They carry Him into community to find co-travellers. Fishermen, tax collectors, rebels. They carry Him to the sick, the broken, the dispossessed. They carry Him to walk on water, feed the crowds and finally to the cross. But to all eternal travellers death has no power to stop journey. The journey continues forever.

Mary travels to visit the expectant Elizabeth. Joseph travels to the city with his expectant wife. The shepherds journey from a field because they have had an Angelic encounter. The astrologers travel because they have seen something in the stars. These journeys are journeys of encounter, wonder, awe, supernatural activity, dreams, gifts, Angels singing. Each journey reveals the heart of God for those on the edges of society. The lowly shepherds, the foreign astrologers. They shepherds were looking for nothing and found treasure. The astrologers were seeking the king of the stars, the spacemen who came a travelling, and they gave a treasure. Everyone realising that this ball of flesh was a traveller in disguise. The one. The Saviour of all mankind.

The Journey Continues

In us the journey continues. Where will it take us? What will we discover? Will we recognise the Word in a ball of flesh? Do we know when we have stumbled upon Him? Because He still moves. He still sojourns. He is still a traveller. Moving, shifting, breathing. What about today, have we seen Him where we did not expect to? All we need to do is keep journeying. Be the travellers He has called us to be and every day we will stumble into signs of grace. The signs will follow us. Much will be revealed. And even what remains hidden will hold us and sustain us for another step. In this season determine to not settle. Move, shift, journey, take a trip. And like those down memory lane we might just be surprised what we find laying in a bed of straw.


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