I Had A Dream!- Community Chest (Sound of the Anvil 2011)

My new year posting from December 30th 2010 from Martin Scott’s site.

The Traveller’s Rest- Community Chest. (Sound of the Anvil 2011)

Walls Come Crashing

Over the last couple of days I have had a recurring dream. Will share what I can here and leave the loose ends for any continuation. Have been praying much into 2011 and I believe this is part of God’s heart for the coming season that we are in/is upon us/is ahead of us.

In the dream I saw large Cathedrals and churches with big spires come crashing down. They became just a pile of rubble. I saw large church buildings and conference centres being demolished or forced to close. The ones that were forced to close caused a great uproar amongst the people who blamed the enemy for shutting their doors or the pressure of the humanists and the influence of Islam to excerpt pressure on the Government to withdraw funding or force closure but I heard God whisper amongst Himself that it was His doing and that it was for the good of the kingdom coming.

It was not only the churches that were crashing down or closing, I saw the closure of large shopping centres and retail outlets. There was a huge crash in the economy that caused many big branded named shops to be boarded up. The out of town or the edge of town shopping centres closed one by one and became like ghost towns that everybody bypassed. Large cinema complexes closed their doors. The multi-screen era seemed to come to an end. Huge food halls and courts ran out of food. People no longer travelled to eat and drink.

Neighbourhoods reborn

The transport network slowed down. Walking became the norm over cars and buses and trains. People would meet each other in the streets and talk and discover each other for the first time in years. Neighbourhoods were being reborn. People enjoyed conversing with one another. Laughter filled the streets instead of the sound of vehicles.

Local shops and pubs and restaurants reopened their doors and business was flourishing. New shops and cafes and bars were opened and they quickly became hubs in the community. Places of activity and relationship. People knew that buying local would cost them more but they were prepared to invest realising that the gains far outweighed the losses in revenue and relationship. It was not like a bygone day because there was a contemporary feel about everything. Young people and children filled the streets. There was a sound like a song that filled the streets and it breathed life into everybody that walked along. There was an incredible feel good factor. Community was reborn. It was like the cry of a baby at birth. There were birthing pains but the joy of holding something so unblemished and pure made up for the pain. There was a lightness that filled everybody. Angels ascended and descended and walked alongside this wonder. Ministering angels. Love filled the air in a powerful way. Then twice I woke up.

A New Community

Praying about this I feel that God is saying that He is not looking for a community church but a church that will be sown into community. No longer visible in many ways as church, no longer trying to build big and influential, but dying to become a seed in the ground of where we live. He wants to restore heart into many communities that are broken. He wants to restore relationship above commerce and entertainment. He wants neighbours to be neighbours once again. It is time for the new community of heart that is in the chest of our God bursting and ready to get out. And it should be in us too. 2011 will be the year to invest in community and neighbourhood. It will cost but the rewards for the places where we live will far outweigh what we have sown into the ground.


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