The Traveller’s Rest- Colic Apostolic.

Calling Forth the Apostles and Prophets.

I remember for years here in Wales being only one of a few voices calling forth the apostles and prophets in the nation. From recognising those in the land that carried these ‘ministry gifts’ to drawing people together in a type of round-table situation to pray, encourage, share, release, declare. During that season it seemed like that was what the nation was lacking and a key reason to unlocking revival and the wild-fire within Cymru. There was a sense of release in the national picture and here in the Rhondda on a more local level. I do wonder now standing at this juncture of my life whether really we were more akin to the Israelites wanting a King like the other nations, to something that would release this nation and see it free, but as I have said many times you can only move on the present revelation that you have. The problem is when you think that revelation is far superior to anyone else’s. especially those that reject it or are nonplussed by it all. The major issue in what we were trying to achieve was that we saw the predominantly American model of apostles and prophets as hierarchy, something everything else needed to submit to. A covering over, the eyes and ears and mouth piece of the movement, the one’s who carried the vision and the Word for the area or nation or both. No wonder so many of us positioned ourselves for a very ungraceful fall. I just thank God that I never really fit in anywhere. I ran with the crowds and spoke at conferences but never really broke any records of levels of prophecy or being a Seer. My fall from grace was a fall into Grace that I shall be forever grateful for. From wanting the nation to open up to me, to wanting the nation to open up and swallow me has been both a painful and liberating journey.

The Underground Will Become Overground Reversed.

At the time I remember many words and prayers being released that what was underground in the nation would go overground. God allowed this for a season. Men and women recognised and raised up with gift. Overseeing churches, leaders, ministries, planting churches, building structure in leadership and programmes, called in to reorganise and reshuffle, release an in Word in due season and carry vision for a region. This is still the picture in some places. It is true when they say it is for easier to birth something of vision than it is to kill it once it has been born. Some of these situations seemed to thrive with the recognition of apostolic covering, but was that a sign of God’s blessing, grace or just people loving the new hype and being drawn to the new exciting thing and charismatic leaders? Instead of creating release in the nation we created a bottle neck where the few created the vision and more served it. Churches that grew with great music programmes and community projects but with gifts and visions dormant on seats serving the vision of the few. The apostolic and prophetic going overground created a colic apostolic, a blockage that was enough to bring tears and a problem, but not quite sure what that problem was. Sleepless leaders running around with huge work loads, big demands, great expectations, full in-boxes, invitations to problem solve that appeased the ego and a name for themselves that the apostle Paul himself would have been proud of. Maybe it is time to reverse the curse. We need to wake up and realise that having a King is not the answer to becoming a great nation. If the unseen is what counts then we need to start burying a few things underground once again. I have yet to see a foundation out in the open that actually has anything at all built upon it. There is no foundation that is any use that is not covered in dirt, mud, concrete. The unseen to God has always been the best things to pursue. It is time to reverse the call and declare what is seen to become unseen so what is unseen can be seen with greater clarity.

Covering you.

I do not want to be anybody’s covering. I want to cover you. There is a huge difference. To be your covering you submit your life, your vision, your dreams to me for my seal of approval. You submit your life so I can point out your mistakes and where I think you have gone wrong. i draw you up to my level by getting you to think and act bigger. I reward the good stuff and have authority to expose and punish the bad. You need to be under my authority to have authority. But when I cover you I submit my life to you, your visions and dreams. Not to give approval but to support and hold your hands up when it gets tough. I cover over your mistakes and come down to your level to stand with you. I become smaller to make you bigger. Whether good or bad I stand shoulder to shoulder with you. I encourage you to walk with authority already given, but never to cause that to be over anybody or to see them as subservient to you. I am buried with you to equip you to be buried for others. The Bible is a book of God continually covering over. From the animal skins in Genesis to the blood on the doorposts to the blood of the Lamb, always covering over. Always about covering at our level not His. Giving up heavens to walk with sinful man. Giving up earthly crowns for a crown of thorns. Giving up earthly titles and position for burial and being Invisible. The Unseen one is then seen when the seen becomes unseen enough for the Unseen to shine through. The colic will be shifted when the apostolic gives itself authority to die and be buried once again. Can the nation do it without you? The question needs to be can the nation do it with me? Or even can God change a nation in a day without us upon a throne and being in charge with Him? Let us shift the colic with a buried apostolic that no longer gives a fig if it gets recognised or titled ever again. Then when it is buried deep enough maybe we will actually have the site to see how much is actually being built through the earth and an humanity that is more glorious than we have ever realised.



2 thoughts on “The Traveller’s Rest- Colic Apostolic.

  1. stevelowton

    Top stuff Paul. Took us a long time to learn this one but what a relief to come out the other side. Thanks for posting and thanks for the journey you are on


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