The Traveller’s Rest- Listen with Your Eyes.

Sing Everything you see.

Gathering is about sharing life, sharing adventure, sharing the rabbit holes and worthless cul-de-sacs you find yourself in. Gathering is about eating together, drinking together, laughing together and crying together. Gathering is about sharing what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense, it is not being afraid to talk about loose ends and wasted time. It is about sharing life with people who will not correct you for your wildest way out there thoughts and who will listen to your journey even if they do not understand it. Gathering is two way or three depending on your theology, but never about the focus on one. If everyone cannot get the chance to say something if they want to, even if it is off the chart, then the gathering has ceased to exist and has become maybe too big. Gathering is about sharing what I see and hear in the life I am living and listening to what you see and hear in your life. A sign I read in the above time together said something like ‘time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’, that is gathering together. What did we talk about? Football, family, life, love, loss, faith and lack of, altogether and separate but a constant flow flitting from one place to another, maybe never getting anywhere but doing it together, that is gathering.

I Can Sing a Rainbow.

Gatherings often include tables, a place of sharing life, a place of family. I think we should be worried about the television replacing the table than about Muslims building Mosques or not being able to say prayer in school. But then gatherings happen around TV. Family being. Gatherings do not have speakers and leaders but they may have hosts and organisers who draw it all together. A room or a table full of gift and wisdom and journey. A sharing of what the road has been like for me, but also finding out how it has been for you. Gathering is about including the misfits and the marginalised at your tables. It excludes no one and feasts with the least. It can happen at any time and anywhere. They can be drawn together or a spontaneous meeting in a shop or in the streets. Gatherings sit down with you and is not bothered about your belief or lack of, or how often you read the Scriptures if at all, or whether you see it as literal, allegorical or legend. Gathering is about people and life and sharing grace and love and hope. It laughs with those who laugh and weeps with those who weep. No conversation should be null and void, no subject taboo, no language offensive, no idea heretical. Gathering is the place for honesty and for fantasy. About accepting you unconditionally no matter what.

Orange and Purple and Blue.

Gathering is about going out together, drinking, talking, raiding the pubs and clubs together. It is appreciating the only common ground you need is the space you share together for that moment. Sharing a love of music at concerts or walking the streets of a great city or mountain with nothing better to do than talk, listen, be together. Shop till you drop together, do a Starbucks crawl, visit places of historical interest. As long as you are sharing life it is gathering. It is not about the same people in the same place all the time but ever shifting, ever changing, ever flowing. Like the sea ebbing and flowing. Many circles of loose connection amongst strong connections with others.

Pink and Green.

Why should I neglect the gathering together when it is as welcoming and fun as this?

With thanks to Denis Moon, Rob James and Adrian and Jacquie Dykstra with whom I had a blast ‘gathering’ with at the Caeffatri, Bridgend on Tuesday. Love sharing life and adventure with beautiful people such as yourselves. 



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