The Traveller’s Rest- A Scream From Silence.

From A Whisper to a Scream

Last week I just could not be arsed. It was probably the first time I have come to Thursday and thought of nothing to say, there was just no flow whatsoever. That led to the post Speechless! A post with no words. The reaction to that post has been very interesting and illuminating. It has become my second most viewed post. Maybe people kept coming back thinking it was a mistake and something would appear but whatever the reason many came and viewed nothing, silence, a blank page. There were those who responded with concern and asked if I was okay. I appreciate good friends who were worried. But no worries I was fine, resigned to the fact that I had nothing to say and felt fine with that, not realising the whisper was actually a scream. Silence speaking louder than words. There were those who got the point straight away and responded with a bit of a laugh. Then there were probably a few perturbed and worrying for my sanity. That list probably gets longer by the week. Whatever it was interesting as the event unfolded and tempted to respond before now but I just wanted to let the week flow by and leave people in the place of mystery and blank canvas. Continue to let the silence speak. Amazing what can be said with no words.

The Sound of Silence

There is a sound in silence that we often miss in our world of demand and deadlines. I was reminded of times when people would expect a prophetic word from me or the expectation of having to churn out another sermon Sunday after Sunday even when I did not want to say anything. I want to move from the consumer world even here in blog land. People expecting another blog from me week after week. Wanting to hear what I have to say. The time is coming to desire to write and read our own stories rather than somebody else’s. Don’t get me wrong I love writing, I find it therapeutic at times. I would not have survived without it these past few years. I am so blessed by those who have connected into my story and have found something of encouragement and hope and reassurance from my rambling words. Have made some of the best friends I have ever had through these expressions of journey, and hope that will forever continue. But my story must be written without the pressure of having to or it becoming a religious expectation, or it just becomes another Sunday sermon for the gathering congregation. Just want it to be an expression of my story from a heart that flows and at times the sound of silence may be the loudest form of communication. There must remain spontaneity. There must remain the permission not to do as well as to do. There must be freedom to not meet the expectations of the readers as well wanting to encourage them.

Silence is Golden

We live with constant sound and site stimulation. Fed images and thoughts 24/7. In our own house the T.V. is often on and if it isn’t music is playing or I am reading. But I think we miss the golden sound of silence. A few weeks ago I travelled to Cardiff. I decided not to take my i-pod and to switch my phone off. After a walk around I just sat down and watched the people passing by and listened. Listened to the sound of those around me. Silence is rarely silent. It is amazing what we hear when we listen to life. I very much enjoyed just watching people and hearing the hum of life. How often we miss the sound of life. Sitting outside hearing the sound of the sheep bleating in the hills or the birds in the sky, how many of our gadget obsessed kids will ever get to hear such things. There is gold to be found in silence. The lack of words leaves space for creativity. When I am not reading somebody else’s thoughts what are my thoughts? What can I paint on the canvass? If someone is not speaking what does that say to me? Maybe even the Divine wants to speak through the nothingness. We sometimes read too many words to hear our own. Many of our own thoughts are really a culmination of somebody else’s. In the silence what gold is in those hills. So this week we are back to words and I love writing words, but I love the thought of your words too. Not just agreeing with what I say, but creating a patchwork of ideas and thinking that maybe somewhere shouts of the Creator. Keep listening to the scream from the silence.

“Love come down upon us till you flow like water
Burning with the hope of insight
Feathered, look they’re covered with a bright elation
Stolen in the sight of love

We are, we are, we are but your children
Finding our way around indecision
We are, we are, we are rather helpless
Take us forever, a whisper to a scream”

(Ian McNabb Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream))


2 thoughts on “The Traveller’s Rest- A Scream From Silence.

  1. Mavis Andradez

    My immediate reaction to your post last week was to smile and think, ‘Good on yer, Paul. Don’t write just because it’s expected of you’. and then I read other comments and concerns about you so I didn’t reply then in case I had been totally wrong about what you were doing and didn’t want to upset you by laughing when you were having some problem. But now you’ve clarified the situation i want to say that I fully applaud what you did. And you’re so right about the gold in silence. I love the quiet times. I don’t mean quiet times as in prayer times necessarily but just quietness to just be, listen and soak up the life all around me.

  2. Geoff Reed

    Interesting Paul because as you know I personally was over the moon when you didn’t post though I had to make sure you were ok, I am probably one of the only people who won’t get involved in any posting outside of yours including the normal accepted ways. yes it’s a great way to keep in touch but how much do we need to be needed. You continue to be a breath of fresh air mate. Please don’t be arsed to write again anymore, just when it flows.


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