The Traveller’s Rest- Assassinate Assimilation.

Another Brick in the Wall

Pink Floyd made a song about the educational system that surprisingly made it to the top of the charts over a seasonal period. Surprising in some ways but I think at the time it was a cry from the heart of many people wanting to break down the walls of containment that had been built around them not just from education and teachers but from all quarters of life, the teachers were only just one brick in this wall that wanted to contain, control, subvert and mould people into being pre-programmed, controlled beings run by the system, with no freedom to act or think for themselves. I think the educational system has altered much over the years (but then I can say that when I am not a student in the system), but that is not to say that other bricks are not being placed around our lives to control and take away from us our freedom. This is particularly true of the church system that talks much of freedom and yet has more chained people than most other systems in operation. A system filled with indoctrination, the stealing of individuality and free thinking and the creation of border controls where the signs ‘do not enter’ are often created and read as law. We seem to think discipleship is people going to church for the rest of their lives sitting under a preacher/teacher/leader, submitting to their authority, serving their vision, seeking their advice for everything. I find no backing for this type of discipleship anywhere. This system has been created by and for insecure leaders who need the tithes to keep rolling in to pay for their chosen way of life, the so named ‘call of God’. All the time they are another brick in the wall of containment from a life of true freedom and discovery. But we need to keep gathering, we need to sit under the Word, we need good solid meat teaching so that we can mature into strong believers. What we really need is to be kicked out of the walls into the deep end and learn to swim ourselves. But we might drown! We might feel like we are losing our way and losing control, but you have to lose your life to find it. Peter had to learn the art of drowning before he learned the art of being rescued, not by leaders or church folk but by Jesus Himself.

Shut Down, Locked Out.

I think there needs to come a time when people are left to their own devices. Left to discover life, form relationships, make decisions, create thoughts. We have created a people who are too needy and too dependant on the machine. The machine needs to be dismantled and the people need to learn the grace of falling. The eagle will spend time feeding it’s young but there comes a time when the young eagle has to learn how to fly for itself and feed itself. It is called growing up. For the stubborn ones who refuse to fly the eagle will slowly dismantle the very thing that has been it’s home and protection, the nest. It will finally get to a point where the nest is not strong enough to hold the young eagle and he/she will fall. This is the time to fly. The time to learn. But surely they need to be ready, what about the immature? It is not a case of if they are ready but they have to do this to survive. Jesus had to leave the twelve and his friends to it at the place where they were. Were they ready? No. Did they understand everything? No. Were they confused when Jesus left them? Yes. Did they mess up, deny, fail, hide? Yes. But they learned the art of falling. That falling was a part of the journey to standing. I think everyone needs to have the scaffolding taken away, the structure that holds them altogether. I think it is what has been created to mature people that is actually keeping them immature. They do not have to think, walk, plan, envision, dream, create or dare, someone does it for them. This is what it says, this is now you live, this is what you will do this week, these are the people you will create relationships with. Every person treated like a child and never allowed to become themselves. Always a picture of their leaders image and never the Jesus in them. There needs to be a resounding freedom cry for all.

Falling to Soar.

Nobody will ever learn to soar in the nest. People have to be thrown out of the doors and into the streets. Is God able to uphold? If He isn’t He isn’t God. When is the last time people were really encouraged to think for themselves, be rebellious if you like? I think we need to stop listening to sermons of others for a season and stop reading books and even reading blogs like this and start listening to the voice inside me. What is it saying? We have been so pre-conditioned to think a certain way that we can miss the voice in the wilderness crying. We may even need to stop reading the Bible for a season and pray our way because we only read the Scriptures through the lens of life we have been given. We need fresh vision, we need new site and we need to realise He that is in us…in us. How many people have taught us that He that is in us can speak, guide, hold, rescue etc? Our dependence is not upon one another, but our lives are dependant on living. When did you last have a thought that you did not read or hear? But we have to weigh it up surely. That is only used by insecure leaders who want us to weigh it against their interpretation and if we do not see things as they see it it must be error. We have to get over that, can the Holy Spirit not teach us all things? Is it dodgy to walk like this? Probably, but better be dodgy than be brain-washed into infertility. We are not Borg.  The Borg are a collection of species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones of the Collective, or the hive. A pseudo-race, dwelling in the Star Trek universe, the Borg force other species into their collective and connect them to “the hive mind“; the act is called assimilation and entails violence, abductions, and injections of microscopic machines called nanoprobes. The Borg’s ultimate goal is “achieving perfection”. Borg=church life.

What is Inside?

What is inside you is not wrong or bad or weak, what is in you is precious and it needs to be excavated, not by politically minded leaders but by and through walking in the Spirit. Walking in the wilds, the wilderness, the path in front of us not painted by another by uncharted until we take a step forward. What if we mess up? Good. What if we get lost? Great. What if we lose faith and walk away? Amazing. All these are marker points of true life. All of these are points where falling becomes the place of soaring. But what if we hit the ground? Well being buried is a great place for seed to birth stuff that would otherwise remain hidden. The world is your oyster not your enemy. You are a resource and not a storeroom filler. Be encouraged to go like never before. Be encouraged to think for yourself and live for yourself and believe that you are still guided by the Divine. You have the DNA of divinity inside you, why do you let others control it? Imagine what the world would be like with thousands of free thinking, free living beings. Dangerous? You bet ya. But when has anything been formed without a sense of danger? That is what true life is all about. It is time to assassinate assimilation.


We don’t need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall. (Roger Waters)




5 thoughts on “The Traveller’s Rest- Assassinate Assimilation.

  1. johntancockjt

    I have suffered at the hands of wicked leaders and ungodly people in Church. It isn’t an option for me to qttack the church and the churches , Jesus loves it and them and his people lead them and are in them. Tbh Paul, I get tired of seeing your continual attack against churches and a multitude of accusations against them. I am saddened to see you glory in your individuality and so called freedom from meeting together and responsibility as part of a community of believers. We could all meet with likemindedfriends to hang out with our cool crowd of rebels and pretend to be our own awful lumps cave. That’s easy…..peasey. The joy of the church is the noisy nippers, gauche teenagers, odd singles, grumpy oldies, aged saints, homely sisters in Israel and pernickety geezers who pick arguments. WE ……THEY are Gods church , together often, showing patience and love always. It is among them we and you find our home not running out of the house and throwing stones at the windows. There is a better way Paul.

  2. dianewoodrow

    Love the bit about the machine being in place because people need it.
    Was discussing what makes a mature christian the other day. Realised structured church sees it as people who go to lots of meetings, speak in meetings, go to conferences. But saw a “mature christian” being very dicatorial&controlling with someone telling them what they must do. There was no guiding!
    Mind you it is also very hard watching my daughter deciding to walk away ftom God. Funny how i know in my heart it’ll be good but so hard watching her on her journey. Would love to be controlling – but of course dont.
    See you at Greenbelt X

    1. pleader05 Post author

      Hi Diane, take comfort from the fact that nobody can truly walk away from God no matter how hard they try or think they have. When you realise God is in and through everything and that even if you lay your bed in the depths He is there, then He can never be escaped matter how hard your daughter tries.


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