The Money Tree?

Gifting from overseas or home…

Have recently had someone from overseas asking about how to send a gift via international banking IBAN/BIC. The following is the information you would need: 

Paul Leader,

Barclays Bank,

Tonypandy Branch,

Account Number 13719707,

Sort Code 206876,

IBAN GB09BARC 2068 7613 719707,



Anyone wanting to gift or support us as a family as we continue through quite a hefty period (MOT, holiday, family home from Uni etc.) from here in the UK then you can do in the following ways;

Any gift or support can be sent through paypal using the e-mail address

or using Barclays Tonypandy Branch

Sort code: 206876      Account number 13719707

Huge thanks to those who do/have supported in the present/past. Those gifts have helped us swim rather than drown at times. And a big thanks to those who never will but love us anyway.


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