The Traveller’s Rest- All You Need is Now.

We Had Joy, We Had Fun.

This week have been talking, thinking, debating, upsetting, unsettling, freeing people on the subject of words concerning entering new seasons. A phrase I myself have used a zillion times in the past as I have ‘prophesied’ and released words concerning new seasons that are upon us or imminent or that God wants to release upon the earth. Seasons of revival, seasons of growth, seasons of blessing, seasons of hearing God’s voice with clarity, seasons of crossing over into promised lands etc etc. If there was something exciting to be had a season has probably been promised. There is always a desire for God to take us to another place and another level. All these seasons promised and yet life goes on. Looking back I realise they are very easy phrases to throw around in the hype of the charimaniacal gathering because everyone gets excited about new things coming, better days ahead, greater glory in the latter house than in the former. Great for hope, expectation and escapism from our present situation that may be tough, mundane, boring, ordinary, nothing spectacular. In reality though many of these words are vain hope at best and at the worst nothing more than fortune telling, reading the star signs in the daily paper or guess work. The hope of a brighter day makes us bounce on with victory songs and praise marches and excited testimonies of what God wants to do. I have realised this is all robbing us of so much, the moment we are in. We are always living for tomorrow, a reigny day in the future that may never arrive. We know this because words concerning the coming season have been posted on the internet for years. There is always a season coming. What about the only season there really is, the season of now.

Today is the day.

Now is the greatest season there is. Everything we have promised for another day is freely available today. It is complete. Now is the time of God’s favour. Now is the day of salvation. All you need is now. We have to learn to grab the present with both hands and give everything to it. It may be mundane but God is the God of the mundane. He loves the ordinary stuff, the fleshy stuff. He is involved intimately in all aspects of life and living. Stop dreaming of better days that may never come and give yourself to a better today. Appreciate the people around you rather than wanting bigger crowds. Serve with a glad heart today rather than believing for a bigger ministry, open doors somewhere else other than where you are. Discover the Divine so intertwined with your everyday life and experience that you become inseparable. It is a time to live and a time to die, a time to sow and a time to reap. It is time, now. You do not need to cross over to another place or wait for another springtime. People often ask, is it God’s timing? It always is His time, right now. You do not have to wait any longer. Stop hanging around waiting for alignments and stages 1,2,3 to order themselves around you. What we think are changing seasons are just stuff happening, and because we like things to have boxes we call something one season and another a different season. God does not give a shig about our orderly seasons, and neither should we. Just live. I am being told to change my garments ready for a new season. Why? is my life not good enough for God to get involved in? This is the year of the open door. Was it shut last year and the year before? Does that mean I walked through the wrong door? God is releasing new keys in this season to connect to heaven. Bit cruel not giving the keys to heaven for the previous thousand of years or so. Did Jesus run back to heaven with them? Juts tease these people a bit and then give them the keys in 2014. A fresh season of intimacy. Were we not intimate with Him yesterday? I have thoughts on intimacy that I will share next time, but it will not be the promise of a new season.

Give You Life.

This day the 2nd October 2014 He has given me life. Now is the time to live it. To be. To connect. To rest. Whether I rise or sleep, whether I fellowship or am alone, whether I think of God or never give Him a second thought, whether I work or stay at home, whether I laugh or whether I cry, whether I feel blessed or whether I feel empty, today is the season I live in. This is my life and I will live it believing that it is already part of something Divine and incredible. Too many people always want the spectacular above the ordinary, life is full of earth and dust and spit and blood and flesh. This is as holy and of greater reality than any promised revival or move of God. Jesus spent thirty years living and loving in flesh, twenty seven more years than His recorded activities. Was He always waiting and hoping for a better day or was He living in the season of today. I am sure if the flesh bit was so unimportant to Him He could have ushered in the miracle bit a bit sooner. I am determined to live in today. I no longer look for promised seasons. Today is the day. The day is today. Now is the time to grasp, live, sweat, breathe, swear, shout, cry, embrace, talk, rest, help, encourage, provoke, lift up, lay down, move, stay, sow, reap, sleep, live. All you need is now.


3 thoughts on “The Traveller’s Rest- All You Need is Now.

  1. Joanna

    I haven’t had the chance to comment and in many ways I definitely agree, we have to stop this escapism that leads us to yearn for another season without living in the present, but (there has to be a “but” doesn’t there 😀 ) I also work the land and very aware of the seasons and after all God set the seasons. So when things are tough and there will be those times, it brings hope to know it is temporary, it is a season that will pass like all other seasons and so I believe in holding these two things in tension. It is a topic I wrote about in a poem many moons ago – you can find it on the following link but scroll down to the bottom

  2. mervyn

    Nice to have a bit of clarity in the fog of charismania ! I chose the simpler way when the” BIG” word was given about a new thing coming and just sat there and ignored it! I have heard it said so many times given in the emotionalism of the moment ,why cant we live in the” now” without these new season ( extra biblical promises) perhaps if we applied the OT rules to false prophets (ie words that never come to pass) and stone them perhaps there would be a bit of thought before they launch out with their diatribes !! would make sunday mornings a bit livelier if we had a biblical stoning now and then????


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