The Traveller’s Rest- God Willing?

His Will, My Life.

During the walk of faith we spend so much attention and energy on trying to find God’s will for our lives, or using that phrase to explain why we are doing a certain something or going to a certain place. God’s will seems to be an important thing to get right and a huge issue if we get it wrong. This can lead to all sorts of issues in the Christian life, from built up tension and confusion when we do not know what He wants us to do, to acts of intimidation and control and harm being done in the name of God because it was His will for that to happen, and who can argue with the will of God? We end up wanting His will on where to live, who to marry, what job/ministry I have, how I invest my money, where to go to church, what group of friends I have, in fact the list is endless. If there is a decision to be made then God must have a will for my life. This can lead to people missing it, messing it up and choosing not to do it. Then we have loads of people on the guilt treadmill, the confusion treadmill, the emotional roller-coaster of trying to work it out, make it fit, wondering whether we have got it right at all. No wonder so many people hang around for the next thing because they are all waiting for that illusive voice to tell them the next move, decision, purpose for their lives. I lived under the bondage of this for years. Where should I be, where should I go, what should I become? Has God finished with me here? Does He want me to move on? Does He want me to be a pastor, a prophet, a night worker? This in reality becomes nothing more than a chasing after the wind, and I do not mean the Spirit here. I have come to the conclusion that God is not hung up at all with my life and how I live it. I no longer see His will, my life.

My Will, His Life.

I have come to the conclusion that whatever I want to do, wherever I want to be, however I want to do it, that is God’s will for my life. I do not think He has a set blueprint for me that I have to discover somehow. Because He created me with this unique DNA, because the Divine nature is so intertwined with my own nature that it is inseparable, I have the ability to make my own decisions. In fact I think the whole God’s will thing is just an excuse to not make decisions, and to not take responsibility once we have made those decisions. I think the voice that is within just says, choose. Which way do you want to turn? What is your will? What do you want to do with your life? The voice says you can do anything, eat from any tree, whatever your hand finds to do. But I am sure you will want to put your own but in here. But what about the tree they should not eat from? What about decisions that hurt and harm ourselves and others? What about sin? This stuff is not an issue when we connect with our own Divine nature. Interesting in the account if the garden that the forbidden tree was not sin but knowledge of good and evil, it is like we didn’t need to know right and wrong, we didn’t need a mind that saw things dualistically. All we needed was to walk wherever we wanted to walk, enjoy every blade of grass and name animals however we wanted to name them. And then there is love, the new command. Love God, love others, love self. That is enough of a boundary to draw upon as we do what we feel is right. Do I want to move house? Then move. Do I want to quit a job? Then quit. Do I want to leave a church, go to church? Then do whatever feels right for you, because your will is His life for you.

My Will, My Life.

It is time to live life to the full and stop worrying about what others and God thinks of you. Stop being so hung up about it all. This guilt complex many of us live under is choking the life out of us. The biggest problem we have is that if we are honest we do not want the responsibility of making decisions. Many do not know how to. We have had parents making decisions for us, then teachers, then our peers, then maybe church leaders, and of course the voice of God. To be able to release ourselves from the chains of the others and God will take some doing, but it will be liberating. God is really not that bothered about who you marry, where you work, what you do with your life. He would rather you be you, the you He created you to be. The you that is Divine in nature and human in life. What do you really want? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? I have seen people stuck in jobs they hate because God wants them to be there. What bullshit!!! What type of God have we created that wants us to do stuff we hate doing? You want to leave, leave. Make a decision, because you can. Nothing is right or wrong. Left, right, stay where you are? Anything, just do what feels good to you. The issue is living life not finding a certain, rigid will. What a waste of energy. It is my life and my will. Because He is an integral part of my DNA He is involved in everything anyway. Lived in love we have no issues with any choices or desires. Can we make bad choices? Of course we can, but it is not a case of missing the will of God, just taking responsibility that we may have made a mistake, but no big deal. Make another decision to do something else. It really is time to live, and live life to the full.


One thought on “The Traveller’s Rest- God Willing?

  1. mervyn

    we always seem to think that “His will” is something I hate to do ,like being a missionary in some awful place where we dont want to be ,how stupid can we be ,lets get real …..


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