The Traveller’s Rest- Capital Punishment.

Big S, Little S.

Sometimes just a minor change can bring a fresh perspective on something. That is what happened this week when I thought about the verse ‘the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead dwells in us’. This verse has always blown me away. the thought that the Spirit in my life is the same Spirit, not a substandard or measure of, but the fullness of the same Spirit that Jesus has residing in him through his earthly life and reported resurrection. Even 95% would be underestimating the potential within us. The same…ponder that for a few minutes/couple of days. That would be mind-blowing enough but I threw in a curve ball this week. What if the S for Spirit was replaced with an s for spirit? The same spirit that rose Christ from the dead lives in me. The same pneuma or breath. The same breath. That same breath resides in every human being. My spirit and Christ’s spirit are one and the same, from the same origin. Both divine, both embodied in humanity. The breath that was part of the creative order, the same breath that filled the lungs of Adam and Eve in the story of the Garden. The same breath that raised an army out of bones. A divine breeze or gust that fills the matter of flesh and blood and bone. Divine DNA that makes us more than what we could ever have imagined. Or with wild imagination can confirm what we dream or envision already. Breath that declares life over death, resurrection over burial. Life needs to become more about believing who we are more than we could have thought. We try to get people to believe in a God, but we need to get people to connect with the Pneuma within. The same spirit, or the same Spirit, it makes no difference. Capital or lower case the meaning remains the same, we have it within our flesh and bones. Breath, Spirit, Pneuma.

The Sound of Breathing.

When I read that YHWH is thought by some Hebrew scholars to be just the sound of breathing in and out, this takes all of this to a new level. We maybe do not help ourselves by translating Pneuma as Spirit, it makes it out there, spooky, weird. To just read the word breath in these places makes it something to touch, do, experience, live within and to allow to live within. Since I read that I listen often to the sound of my breathing and find it declares something of the divine breath within and surrounding me. Jesus had that breath. He was that breath. He gave the breath. We too have that breath, we are the breath, we give the breath. YHWH is never far from us, He is us, even as we become the dwelling and the life breath to those around us. To say we are spiritual beings is to say we are breathing beings. To awaken awareness of who we are, identity, is so key to seeing life shared and lived to the full. Today I heard the terrible, devastating news of a friend losing a friend to suicide. A decision in life of certain individuals that have not connected with their divine selves. We can spend all of our energies trying to get them to believe in the God in the sky, where there is divide, barriers, so many steps to reach nirvana, where what they really needed to connect to, which would create great, sustaining faith, is the potential within of spirit, breath, the Divine one. This discovery is obtainable by all. Not pie in the sky. An indwelling, part of us, not something without to discover or invite in. It is like I have wireless in my home, but if I do not connect with it I waste energy, use up my limit, risk losing the connection I have. It is unseen but there. Indwelling my home. Breath is like that, it indwells us. We need to help others awaken to what they already breath in and out.

Becoming Like Jesus?

Is it about becoming more like Jesus or about becoming us, as Jesus did? Living life fully human and fully Divine. Discovering a truly Divine DNA of breath within us. A set apart breath for me, and you, and the person next to you. The person you are and the person you will become. It is not about achieving more or learning more just rediscovering how to truly live. To live in the same Spirit/spirit as Jesus did. Does a capital make much difference? Only when we allow it to rob us of who we truly are by getting us to focus on a Spirit outside of ourselves that we can never find or keep losing.

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