The Road to Now(where) XIX- A Journey Through Sound.

My blogging journey from the beginning for those who are interested. Each week I will include one of those original blogs from Martin Scott’s Perspective site. February 4th 2010 and the blogging began. Never did this before, but what therapy, what a joy, what a chronicling of a journey that never ends. In many ways things have developed, but it is good to see where we come from to appreciate where we are. All in the healing. Enjoy or endure…

The Traveller’s Rest- A Journey Through Sound.

Can You Hear The Sound?

This week is going to be a little bit different. We are going to take a journey together. A journey through sound. God loves communicating through sound. From Genesis where we are told that Adam and Eve heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the cool of the garden to the sound of the rushing mighty wind in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. As travellers outside the perimeters of the ‘congregation’ we need to become more perceptive. We need to learn to hone in on the voice and the activity of God. The God who whispers one minute and booms like thunder the next. Jesus once said ‘my sheep know my voice.’ Do we? Can we pick it up in the onslaught of voices that are out there and in us? To survive this landscape we need to have ears to hear.

Sound has followed me on my journey. I have always loved music. I have always loved the sound of water and rain. When I watch TV I am always listening. Many of us love to talk but it is also time to listen. I love the band U2. I have since they released New Years Day many years ago. I heard something in their sound and their lyrics. Their most recent album ‘No Line on the Horizon’ has a great theme of sound. The song ‘Get On Your Boots’ asks the question, ‘Can You Hear the Sound?’ Can we?

I live in a place called Tonypandy. The closest English translation is the sound (or music) of the mill. A few miles away is the place where I was a ‘church pastor (Urgh!)’ for 13 years called Tonyrefail. The translation of that is the sound (or music) of the forge (or the anvil). Many Welsh places that have a Ton prefix are named after sounds. Someone was listening. Prophetically I often sound out the anvil. A sound that resonates over a whole community working, living, being family. Always remember a guy called Godfrey Birtell who visited with Martin Scott on a Sowing Seeds for Revival week. While with us he wrote a song, ‘Can you hear the sound of the anvil?’ Can you hear the sound? The sound of where you are. Each place unique.

Facebook community

I have a great facebook community. Friends old and new. I find it amazing as connections are made from past to present and future. Old school friends, ‘church’ people, those who believe and are outside the congregation, people I have never met, all linked in some way. All pilgrims in life. I love the wall post. Comments made that sometimes resonate and get a response, at other times do not. But the world is there, Africa, America, Australia etc. This week I put in the comment ‘can you hear the sound?’ and I got an amazing response. From those who would call themselves believers and those who would not sign up for any faith. Those who love God and those who have not given Him a thought. But these people heard something. This blog is dedicated to them, my facebook fellowship. A place where I meet together with fellow travellers. Take with me a journey through sound. (Click on the links and allow God to do the rest.

Dave Chandler  the sound of silence

Sue Myles and Teresa Russell  the sound of the storm, thunder and rain

Jane Scott King  the sound of the suburbs

Phill Dolby  the sound of the underground

Marivic Gallano  the sound of peace

Alan Rees  the sound of trumpets, the battle, the Lord’s army, the rushing mighty wind, the Lord in the garden

Kris Kausen Martella  said he who has ears to hear….

Maureen Deacon  said Keep listening

Can You Hear The Sound?


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