Word Up: Book Review: Dave Vaughan ‘Tales From the Couch’.


Laugh and Weep.

Having finished this book in two sittings over the weekend I have to say Dave has accomplished a very difficult task of drawing together personal experience and events to make this much, much more than just a testimonial book. The only way I can describe it is it is a book where deep cried unto deep. A book that equally fills me with incredible excitement and joy, and yet also pains me to read. A book that reminds me of both the most amazing time in my life and the darkest time of my life. A book that captures a time captured in history, and yet released into the present and future. Reviewing it is quite a task, but I wanted to thank Dave for sharing his life, his thoughts, his experience. Wanted to thank him for honesty. Thank him for making me laugh and weep in equal measures. It leaves me with questions. I love questions. It leaves me in wonder. Wondering what the hell and what the heaven. But wonder is what it is all about. Wandering and wondering.


Although our paths crossed briefly while Dave attended an evangelism school in Newport, it was not until a while later that we briefly walked a bit of a path together. It was through a mutual friend at the time, and a hunger to see something totally new and prophetic break through for our Nation of Wales, that we somehow got drawn together. We laughed, prayed, declared, wondered much in those days, longing, looking, seeking, spending time together. This was the time of Martin Scott’s incredible Wild-fire prophetic word that is mentioned in Chapter Eight of the book. A most exciting time when my life was blown apart at the seams, the church I was a part of was blown away, and not in a good way, and life was never the same again. My life was shipwrecked, and I loved it. The prophetic flowed freely and incredible crazy declarations and events took place. The conference was the norm, and everybody wanted to be in Cymru, and come to declare something new and wild. It was at this point that my crisis of identity led me to resigning the pastoral role in Tonyrefail, and with Dave and our mutual friend we looked to dig some ground in the Nation for the gusher to pour forth. But, and here comes the honest painful admission, what Dave and my friend dug for sat uncomfortably with me. I remember sitting in services having disagreements to what was our pursuit. In less than a few months I lost my church identity, now I was losing my so called ‘prophetic’ friends. The doors seemingly opened for them and I was left as a bystander. I never, ever, opposed anything, but sadly never threw myself in either. This led to our paths going in completely opposite directions. While the party was going on I was having a melt-down. That is why the book is painful to me. But it also helps to fill in the blanks of the events that unfolded. As I read the encounters my heart was ripped and melted. I was jealous for missing out, but then amazed, in awe.

He’s My Big Brother.

My next big encounter with Dave was through the medium of Big Brother. I did not miss a day of the unfolding events. An incredible experience watching this guy that I knew, who I had walked with briefly, being under the gaze of an incredible spotlight. I loved it. I loved Dave. By this time I had gone through my darkest moments, that one day I may feel free enough to share, and had begun finding the Divine outside the church walls. Blogging the story as it unfolded. Discovering for myself that it ‘was all in the glory’. My path had taken a total 180 degree spin to Dave’s and yet grace was doing something miraculous in totally different out-workings. Through the events of Big Brother I just sent Dave an e-mail offering support and time, and after a while we met for coffee. We have done a couple of times since, and I just sense an incredible love for this man. Not that we live in each others pockets, but the unfolding of the story has led us to see so many similar things. The last chapter of the book I find blows the rest to another stratosphere. it is brief but a farewell to a chapter, a time. There are so many now in that place. I am blessed to know Dave, honoured to consider him a friend and a travelling companion, and am so blown away by what the Divine has done in and through him. I am no longer jealous, just totally at rest with my journey in the Divine one, and so excited to see where all this takes us, but capturing today in the meantime. Is the wild-fire still burning? Well you cannot contain this because you often cannot even perceive it until it has burned you inside. Was it all for a reason? I am sure it was and yet I have given up trying to find out the why. All I know is the rest is up to Him, and He is up to rest.

This book is more an encounter than a good read. And I loved it.


One thought on “Word Up: Book Review: Dave Vaughan ‘Tales From the Couch’.

  1. Nigel Stock

    Hi Paul
    I haven’t read the book yet, but your review was a good read itself. Jean and I remember Martin Scott saying to us sometime in the early 2000s. “this stuff ruins you for anything else” and I have wondered many times since whether I’m still on the track of “this stuff” because certainly engaging long term in anything else has proved difficult since. Although we’re based back in England, Wales is in our hearts, and not just for the Cymru feeling. Maybe we could touch base when we’re next over – we’ll certainly be around in early October.

    Thanks for your honest comments. Always appreciate your posts on fb.


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