The Bright Field- Reflections on Greenbelt 2015.

Having just returned from the amazing Greenbelt Festival I wrote some thoughts/poems/prose/raps, in my tent, on each following morning, a reflection of what caught my attention or stirred me each day. Want to share them with you now and trust they give you a little portal to a most amazing Festival.

Sat on a Sat Contemplating Where I Sat (Friday).

The Bright Field, the night field

The brightness in the night field

The feeling of coming home field

The feeling overwhelmed field

Brightness of the sky field

Brightness of my mind field

This minefield of ideas field

This idea of Divine field

A Special kind of Duke field

To be KARI’d home field

Speaking to my Brother field

Drinking in the Vino field

In anticipation field

Bright with expectation field

The brightness of the dawn field

The Bright Field, this night field

Where ship? (Saturday)

Said my prayers with a Muslim

Heard a Buddhist chant

Wanted to pray like a Christian

Found out that I can’t

Want to escape like Thomas Merton

Have the joy of the Spree

Shock like Revolutionary Armies

Shed some tears in the teepee

So many expressions

Connect Divine and man

The truth that gets me more and more

Is everybody can

The only true worship

We can give today

Is to be truly human

And live upon our way.

Unsociable Socialite (Sunday)

(Dedicated to Diane Woodrow, Andrew Howie, the Coda crew and anyone else who I chatted to along the way)

I came to Greenbelt on my own

I prefer to be that way

Can wander aimlessly around

Do what I want all day

It’s not that I don’t like people

Or sit and have a chat

But sometimes during the small talk

I just wish that was that

You see I’m an unsociable socialite

Got chatting to two lesbians

Came out that I was straight

The relief that I told them

I really felt quite great

Chatted about Coda

A festival for Wales

Nice to meet Cymru people

Blazing out some trails

You see I’m an unsociable socialite

Met up with a friend

Enjoyed the chat and tea

You see I have a friend or two

Sometimes it’s not just me

But when the laughter was over

And I sat inside the Glade

My chair I set up on my own

My own space I now had made

You see I’m an unsociable socialite.

While others danced the night away

With loved ones and with friends

And talked and laughed till all hours

Their company never ends

But me I walked in silence

To the stillness of my tent

Had no one there to chat to

About the day that went

You see I’m an unsociable socialite.

I do love my own company am happy with my space

When I look in the mirror there’s a smile upon my face

But at times I get real lonely wish somebody was there

Someone to share the day with somebody who really cares

But when a new dawn rises and there are things I want to do

I need the space to wander and not to be with you

I love to be with people I love to laugh in spades

I party with the best of them a fool of me is made

But space is also my best friend I want to be with me

Greenbelt 2015 I was alone but also free

You see I’m an unsociable socialite.

Rain on your Parade. (Monday)

Of course there was rain

It was a festival after all

Of course there was mud and puddles

It was a British Bank Holiday Monday

But through rained stained glasses

I caught sight of Gogglebox vicars

And Chalke right on cue

I saw raw rock and roll

And the flight of the Last Cuckoo

I glimpsed a Fruitful Earth

And a Code that was on fire

I saw myself in a song called Post

This was more than mud and mire

I watched a guy called Martyn

And the singing happy throng

I ogled the Devil’s Passion

I hope that wasn’t wrong

The rain, the mud and clouds

Could not dampen human spirit

This was a place, a family

Anyone could see it

Of course there was rain

It was a Festival after all

But I clearly saw my Bright Field

And Silent Stars began to call.


3 thoughts on “The Bright Field- Reflections on Greenbelt 2015.

  1. dianewoodrow

    Made sure I wrote mine before I read yours otherwise I know I would have copied bits. Thank you for the dedication šŸ™‚
    Realised too that I forgot Duke Special and the lady I saw who had done the updated Canterbury Tales. Oh well.
    See you next year X

  2. Geoff Reed

    Loved what you have written Paul, what a poet, I could see you smiling as you were jotting things down. You’re a free bird mate, free to fly and love your perspectives from up there. As always the Greenbelt experience continues to inspire you.


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