Reading About Reading.

God is Moving in Reading.

That is a headline that I have just read about a so called ‘move of God’ happening in Reading, U.K. at this moment in time. One that was prayed for, believed for, and now is ignited by a visiting itinerant evangelist from the U.S.A. Hundreds are making decisions, the presence is spilling onto the streets, and there is a facilitating going on to spread this into the U.K. and further afield. Why when reading this do I no longer feel an overwhelming sense of excitement that ‘God has come’? Why am I not getting in my car and visiting the church so I can be anointed to carry the fire myself? Have I been so burned out on my own pursuits of moves and revival that I have become too cynical? There was a time I would have reported this, read everything on it, and wanted to go see for myself. I travelled all over the U.K. and Wales longing for that river to flow during the time of Toronto and Brownsville, I wanted the touch, I longed for the anointing, wanted to carry the mantle, held and hosted conferences with some of the key players and prophets, but somewhere on the journey I gave up chasing rainbows. The pot of gold never arrived at my house. What was once the desire of my heart became a hyped up illusion that I refused to fall for again. Does that mean I do not believe that people get changed or transformed? Look God is able to take the biggest mess and do something precious in a life. God is capable of working in the hype to heal, help, bring peace. But that in itself is not enough of a seal of approval. God blessed the Temple of Solomon and moved in, but He quite plainly tells David through the prophet that He does not dwell in buildings, that He does not want it built and that He will dwell in men’s hearts. But there is this obsession. An obsession we still have.

If You Build It He Will Come.

The Field of Dreams was a very poignant film to me. It spoke to me of building things right and as instructed so the father can come and walk in the field again. I attempted to build with right structures, with the right foundations of apostles and prophets, with the right leadership, right worship, right messages, right people around me, right relationships. The constructing was fun, dynamic, powerful, awesome and of course full of promises and presence. But it made me a judgemental person. I categorised people as those who got it and those who didn’t. The church I was pastoring disintegrated because I had a powerful, personal vision to do things right and bring revival in. Those that had walked together for years started leaving and I didn’t give a damn about them, because I was building the Kingdom. I was digging the wells of revival. I was waiting for God to come and bless my great gatherings and to answer my spot on prayers and desires. Come and revive us o Lord! It nearly destroyed me, and it nearly destroyed all my relationships, and the church I was part of. I was obsessed with building the right structure of religious life and worship, one that would welcome the King in. My Reading was on it’s way, just around the corner, being sown in righteousness so I would reap in righteousness. It never came. I became broken, ripped, torn, splattered on the rock. The Valleys continued to experience poverty, the church still had empty seats. Disillusionment sets in.

Reviving the Desire for Everyday Life.

I am content. It took a journey to get to here, but I am satisfied. I do not need to bring in a visitation or outpouring because the Divine is so intertwined with my life it is inseparable. The ordinary is so full of wonderment I do not need to run after the end of a rainbow to find the more I think I need. The only awakening most of us needs is that life is available, life can be satisfying, and that my identity is full of holy D.N.A. in the here and now. There is nothing more awesome than opening our eyes and seeing. The joy of family, friends, colleagues. The hope and holiness in a sunrise, a raindrop, a star, the trees and fields. The amazing Divine D.N.A.within every person you meet. I no longer have to pray anything in, just open my eyes and breath. My longing is fulfilled. The more is at my fingertips. The only move of God I need is the next step I take, no matter how insignificant that feels. In insignificance is everything of significance, just because you or I are there. The view and vision has changed from fantasy to focus. The focus of what is in front of my nose all along. Everyday life is good. The ordinary, the normal, the Divine. God is moving in Reading? All I know is, as I move, He moves with me.


4 thoughts on “Reading About Reading.

  1. Mark Pixley

    I hear pretty much all reports of revival now in my head as: “Hey I’m stuck in traffic, you should see this”…and I don’t mean that in a condescending way, what I mean is no one who is ever “stuck in traffic” is not equally at the same time …”traffic”…you cannot be stuck in traffic unless you ARE traffic, birds don’t get stuck in traffic, bikes don’t, etc…and the same thing is true about revival, you are not in a revival unless you are one, and if you ARE one then you are IN one…

    The next thing that always comes to my mind is “Then what?”…so we have a big ol revival…then what? What comes after? Conversions are great like the first snow of winter, but transformations are slow like glaciers…no amount of snowfall can do the work of a glacier…

    Celebrate it, make some snow angels, but don’t assume you can jump off a building and fly with those angel wings…those feathers won’t change your city, that kind of change might take a glacier…

  2. dianewoodrow

    Hey Paul,
    love your post. Seems way too long since you’ve posted so was great to hear from you 🙂 Also once again looks like we’re going in the same direction. I just feel really content with God at the moment. Like we aren’t doing church, not doing ministry – well apart from the ordinary of having an open house, though we do get them to pay too, filled with people who say what a godsend we are to them – As you can see no real ministry 🙂 hehehe!!!
    I’m not rushing to where it is but allowing God to just work with us and where we are. And you know – I love it 🙂
    Thanks again for a great post XX

  3. Geoff Reed

    Great post again Paul, a gem worth waiting for. There is so many of us out there walking your walk mate, rubbing shoulders with the world around us in a free non judgemental way, with no hidden agendas, just loving people. We want to see the Kingdom grow it’s just we don’t want to be a part of building empires. Bless Reading for all that’s happening may it increase the Kingdom not grow the church.


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