Game of Thrones…My Heart.

The Plot Twists Like a Knife. (Includes Spoilers)

Game of Thrones is a phenomenon. An incredible drama that is now drawing to a close with the last episode of Season 8 to come. It is a harsh drama that has included much violence, revenge, plotting, deceit, sex, betrayal and many twists and turns. It is not afraid to rid itself of major characters that we have grown to love, or hate. Every episode is dissected and talked about as if it is the most important thing on earth. There are heroes and villains, and villains that are heroes, and heroes that are villains. It is to it’s credit because it is incredible drama, and brilliantly acted by a cast that have become household names. But the last episode has caused the internet and FB and conversations to go into meltdown. The woman everyone learned to love, Daenerys, turned into a cold blooded murderer of innocent people and surrendered armies. Children in particular are seen being burned alive by her dragon as she inflicts the ultimate war crimes on the city with the Throne. She has come to displace evil, with ultimate evil. Baron Acton (1834–1902) came out with the quote. … “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Power corrupts Daenerys as the Throne and rule become her obsession. But then there is the evil she displaces from the Throne, Cersei. Cersei has been described as the ‘most dangerous human being in Westeros’. The most hated character. She has murdered and plotted her heartless way to the throne, without a care for anyone, other than her brother, with which she has an incestuous relationship. Then comes the most controversial part of the whole episode, her death in the arms of her brother Jaime, weeping.

Revenge is mine, saith…me.

For a split second the writers mess with your heads. You are angry that your hero is nothing more than a war criminal, and then in a moment of weakness at the point of death a bit of sorrow enters for the most evil woman there has been for eight seasons. Nothing more than a woman fighting her own demons. But then her death. Not at the end of the sword of her enemies, slain like she has slain others. Cut open, sliced, beaten to death. Not one of our heroes gets their hands on her. Not one of the Starks, or the Hound. She dies the most undramatic death of the whole series, with rocks falling on her and Jaime while they embrace. The outrage. The outcry. How dare they? Here are a few quotes from a Facebook page;

i was relieved when she died, tho i wanted a horrific death for her than be simply smashed!! 

I only feel sorry that she died this way. I would prefer torture and much of pain.

I would have pushed her off the wall when she was passing the Hound.. He should have done it for Arya … She got off too easy

only wished she had been torched for all the evil she had done 

She deserved a lot more brutal death

She didn’t get the sort of death she deserved. What would I have done to her? This has so upset everyone. Yet I think the writers have been very clever, and revealed a major theme of the whole Game of Thrones. Inside us all there is a monster wanting to get out. A monster that is really no better than the characters we are watching. One that wants revenge, death, blood, our way. The show is a mirror for our own hearts. It was once quoted (source seems confused between Mike Bickle and John Wimber), “God offends the mind to reveal the heart.” This episode has clearly demonstrated what can be inside us all. Our minds were offended because Cersei’s ending was tame, too good for her. But she died!!! Isn’t that enough? No, we want pain, blood, violence, revenge, the most horrific death possible. Being crushed to death is a nice way to go for someone so evil. Really? We measure death by blood and violence now. But only when it is about what someone deserves. The mirror of Game of Thrones is potentially within us all.

A Real Game People Play.

War, power, authority, ruler-ship, thrones, sadly these things are part of reality. Power hungry people who would destroy anything and anyone to get what they want. Not just in the bloodshed of the streets, but in all realms of society; boardrooms, business, education, church, sport, art, culture, religion, the list is endless. It is a game, but not a game, as lives are destroyed, broken, devoured. We need to guard our hearts, and minds. As this is the well-spring of life. I’m sure there are many twists and turns to come in the final episode of Game of Thrones, just as there are in our own lives. Not everyone will be happy with what takes place. It is too big a show for everyone to be satisfied. But whatever happens let’s just take stock of how we feel inside, and where those feelings came from. When you think about it you may not like what you see.

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