Journeying Journal of Paul Leader; Divine Life Liver, thinker of the out loud variety, following the flow of the Holy River as it follows the contours of the land. Tales of connection, life, story, Divine moments and ad hoc accounts of adventure. Wherever the Wind blows, we will flow. Lover of the Sacred Ordinary, the everyday, the moments that could pass us by. Looking for shafts of Light in the shadows and stories of the margins. A new adventure begins….

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Sally Ann

    Well it’s taken me a while to catch on that you’re doing this! Though I was a prolific blogger until December I have never been good at following others. You have collected quite a community of friends here in Adullum’s cave, Paul 😉 Will make more effort to visit regularly during my sabbath year ‘in the cave’. Love your journey – love to you
    Sally Ann x

  2. RobRob Cottrell

    Paul I was introduced to your blog by a friend following one of those ‘over the table times. I have some remarkable testimonies and days but currently going through darker times I will look in on your blog from time to time.
    Thank you

    1. pleader05 Post author

      Hi Rob, thanks for the encouraging words. I think many of us are learning that even the darker days can be remarkable in what they shape in us and what we shape through them. Have no easy answers but a hang in there, you are not on your own. Much blessing to you on the journey, Paul.


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