The Traveller’s Rest 270416 A Journey Through Sound.


A musical journey for the spirit, soul and mind.

Ian Dury and the Blockheads- Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.

The first 7″ single I ever bought with my own £1 pocket money. The beginning of a musical journey, the beginning of a love affair with sound, the beginning of always being broke! Such a quality tune, and a number one record. Very funky for a new wave single, but Dury always loved to add some funk. A great way to begin this new musical venture.

Japan- Ghosts.

My favourite song of all time. I want this played at my funeral. One of the most radical sounds to ever reach the top twenty. Japan were incredible artists, embraced into the New Romantic movement but so much more than that. Experimental, haunting, deeply spiritual, deep crying unto deep. Reminds me that we all encounter ghosts of our own lives, but also a reminder that grace and love can wash us as we fight them.

The Choir- Grace.

Been listening to a lot of The Choir lately. Remember seeing them at my very first Greenbelt Festival. This was at a time when there was an amazing scene of alternative bands on the C.C.M. scene being distributed over here by Word Records. The Choir continue to record great music. Their lyrics touch deeply, the music matches that, and it shouts out that some Christian artists know what art and creativity are. Brilliant played loud on a car journey.

Aradhna- Marga Darshan

Beautiful Indian worship music. Takes you to another place. I love the sound of the sitar. Saw these play at Greenbelt a few years back and they transcended the venue into the throne room of God. What more could you want?

Muse- Resistance.

Saw this band a couple of weeks ago with my son Joel. An incredible live band. This song reminds us that in the middle of the storms of this world that love is our resistance. Muse can paint a picture of a very grey existence, with war, control and government all to blame, but through it all there is hope.

The Alarm- Rain in the Summertime.

Will be seeing this band on Thursday night. Mike Peters is such an inspiration. Fighting his third bout of cancer, and walking like a winner. His present incarnation of the band are as prolific as ever. I love this track, reminds me of a Welsh summer, but also the refreshing rain that can come into our lives in the heat of the day.

The Skids- Into The Valley.

Another band I have been playing a lot of lately. This is again an early single I bought, but it remains fresh and exciting. Stuart Adamson went on to form Big Country, and those big guitars can already be heard here. Music has rarely been this exciting since the late seventies/early eighties. A big sound, a raw sound, a spiritual sound.

Prince and the Revolution- Purple Rain.

Still cannot believe Prince has gone. Not an artist I bought every album from, but one I admired. Unique, creative, talented, radical. This song in all it’s glory is incredible. A song of journey, pain, hope. 2016 will be a year known as the year of the death of celebrities, Prince leaves behind an incredible legacy as part of this. We may never see his like again, and the world will be less purple because of it.

David Bowie- Lazarus.

And linking with this year of death of celebrities, the one that stands head and shoulders above them all. Still not over this. Bowie was the master. Without him so much that I love would not exist in the music world. This track from his haunting final album shows how much he still had to offer. A chameleon, a journeyman right until the end. Devastated.

Sex Pistols- Something Else.

Started this journey with my first ever 7″ purchase. I end this playlist with a track from my first ever album, The Great Rock n Roll Swindle. Was so disappointed when I got this album home. Hardly any Pistols music, loads of filler, some utter trash, I was swindled. But I was captured by the spirit of punk that I think has never left me. That desire to challenge the status quo and not be afraid to offend, shaking the structures. That in itself is the prophetic call.